From Sea to snow in less than an hour!

The Saklikent ski area near Antalya is becoming increasingly important for winter tourism and is also being considered by those responsible. A coordination meeting on individual tourism was launched. Mayor Rıza Perçin said: "Saklıkent is one of the great values ​​for our region and our country and alternative tourism for winter tourism. We know this value well. It is always said, let's swim in the morning and go skiing an hour later. I got up early in the morning, went into the sea and an hour later I came to Saklıkent and encountered snow. On behalf of TÜRSAB, we will do everything we can to make Saklıkent better known and show interest. We will work with Emin Altıner, the chairman of the housing association Beydağları Saklıkent, and make a contribution to the region. "
In addition to Saklikent, there is much more to discover in the area around Antalya - above is the ancient city of Termessos, which Alexander the Great could not conquer with his armies. There is nature, skiing, nature sports, athletics, horse riding, cycling and much more.