FAQ Driving in Turkey


FAQ Driving in Turkey

FAQ - What do I have to know about Car rental and driving in Turkey?
Is it dangerously to drive car in TURKEY?
No, absolutely not. You just have to take care for some things: everybody loves to use the horn, red light seems to be an offer and not a rule, sometimes they forget lights at night.... Just always wait everything, everywhere.... and don´t insist on your rights. Drive defensively.
WHAT IS fundamentally different?
Well, differences are not that big as you might believe. But in Turkey there are much more young and unexpierienced drivers. Especially in small towns and lonely region the bigger risk comes from very slow, overweight and bad lightened vehicles, children or animals on the streets. In the citys the highest risk coemes from alcoholized drivers and high speed. Always beware of trucks! 
Which driver license do I need?
During your holiday you can drive with your driver license the same way as in your home country.
WHAT are the main traffic rules?
There is a belt and helmet obligation as well as a total ban on alcohol. Even the first time its very expensive, at the third time you will be send to jail for 6 months.
Speed limits:
in towns 50 km/h  * outside villages 90 km/h * on highways 110 km/h

What about the fuel  stations?
Turkey has a very dense network of service stations. Generally, the gas stations are also rest places, there is almost in every station  a supermarket, also almost a clean toilet and often a Restaurant. Fuel will be put in by an who usually knows which fuel has to be filled. Avoid paying in Euro, they always give a very poor rate. It is possible that a fuel station runs out of fuel, so don´t wait until the last drop....
Rent a car with Force Rental

WHO is allowed to drive the vehicle?
Our insurance coverage only applies to the driver in the rental agreement. Damages caused by unauthorized driver, will be fully liable even to the named person in the contract. Of course you can specify a person as a free additional driver when he/she is owner of a valid driving license. We always recommend  a second driver
Is there a minor age?
If you have a valid driving license for the vehicle to be rented, you can rent a vehicle from Force Rental. In your own interest, you should already have driving experience with the rented vehicle, because driving in another country always requires some driving skill routine.

WHAT do I need to rent the vehicle?
You first need a valid driver license for the vehicle you want to rent. In addition, you must have  a valid credit card ready or the rental payment in cash. An identification document such as a passport is also required. The same documents (driver's license and ID card or passport) are required by the additional drivers. If you have a pre-paid Force Rental ticket, you need to submit in connection with passport or driving license.

Is there a km restriction?
There is no limit. If you are planning a longer or multi-day tour, please let us know before so we may check the car.

WILL a deposit be charged when I pick up the car?
No. You only pay the renting fee.

SHOULD I check the condition of the vehicle, before I start?
Yes, you should check that the vehicle is in the condition specified in the contract. If you discover a defect, please let us know before departure
WHAT is covered by insurance?
With standard insurance you have liability protection for damage to your own vehicle and a comprehensive insurances with a self payment. The amount is specified in the contract. Damage to glass and tires are not covered, unless such damage is contractually included.

I WANT full insurance without self payment. Is that possible?
we offer the exclusion of the self payment, if you have at least 3 years driving experience.

MAY I go to another country?
No. Use is permitted for insurance reasons only within Turkish borders. For trips outside the region Turkish Riviera (Alanya + 250 km) please let us know.

WHAT happens if I give the vehicle back too late?
Delays may affect the price. Delays of up to a maximum of 89 minutes won´t be charged additionally, unless the delay is caused by us in a financial loss. Of redemptions that occur 90 minutes to 179 minutes, we charge 50% of the daily rental price. For delays over 180 minutes, another day will be charged, unless the vehicle can be hired without further loss. In case of accidents, breakdowns and damage to the vehicle, we give special conditions.

Do I have to give the vehicle back with full tank?
No. You get the vehicle with an empty tank and give it back with empty tank. But it is definitely enough fuel until the next fuel station.

WHAT should I consider when refueling?
At Turkish gas stations there is almost everywhere tank service, so you can simply call the desired amount or level of fuel and the gas station attendant fills in the correct fuel.

CAN I extend the rental period?
Yes, you can extend the rental period during or at the end of the lease term, if capacity is available. A claim for an extension with the same vehicle does however not exist.

Can I return the vehicle outside the opening times?
You can pick up and drop off your car 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

DO I HAVE TO check the condition before I return the vehicle?
Please check the vehicle before you give it back and if there are damages or problems which hadn´t been before, please let us know.
Can I return the car in another city?
In general, our prices are depending on + 35 km to Alanya or – if the rental period is more than 7 days, at the Antalya /Gazipasa Airport and in between.
WHAT payment methods are accepted by Force Rental?
Cash: rental for cash is possible
Credit cards: all major credit cards (eg Euro Card, Master Card, Visa) are accepted.
Bank wire : You can also send the rental fee to our German bank account
Paypal: You also can pay via PAYPAL
WHAT HAPPENS when I use the car for a purpose not stated in the agreement?
The permitted uses are regulated by contract. By signing, you agree that you use the vehicle only as agreed. Otherwise, you have NO INSURANCE, damages must be replaced in full. The contract ends once the vehicle is without repaying the remaining rent. In each case, a fixed amount of 50 € for a small inspection is to be paid (eg trips to the beach!).

WHAT if I have a problem or an accident with the vehicle?
In case of a breakdown or accident, you will get  immediate assistance from us. You can contact us anytime, 24 hours a day - either in our office in Alanya, Tel 0242 511 42 43 from 9 am – 20:00 o´clock, or outside these hours on the phone at 0532 6205431.
We will get back as soon as possible to help and pick up if neccessary.

Actually in an accident, always first contact us, later the police. We always need a police report and an alcoholtest of the driver, otherwise the insurance doesn´t pay. Remember to create a damage report with a detailed description of the circumstances (photos!).  If you don´t, all damages will be payed by you. Never ever sign documents or handwritten notes that you do not understand, nor at the police neither on the street. If someone wants you to do so, ask for an interpreter and – of course – call