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  • New Test center for Coronatests in Alanya New Test center for Coronatests in Alanya
    With the new regulation, the ALKÜ Alanya Training and Research Hospital decided to relocate the PCR test area required for international flights to the polyclinic building of the old state hospital, which is currently not in use.

    Head physician Prof. DR. Hüseyin Lakadamyalı explained that due to the large crowd, it had been decided to move the test center for the COVID-19 tests, which are necessary for international flights, to the old hospital as part of the approval received from the Ministry of Health. So the service should be improved.

    Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Lakadamyalı: "As of Monday, August 17th, 2020 (other reports mention the start on August 20th), we will offer our patients a 24-hour service without interruption in the special PCR area that we have in the outpatient clinic We have refurbished the service building of the old state hospital.

    We have taken the necessary precautionary measures in accordance with the regulations. 12 employees are alternately available here. We are preparing to open our current PCR area at the Oba state hospital as a COVID emergency room. In the future, only suspected cases will be tested here. "

    ADDENDUM OF 08/17/2020 - This is how the tests work!

    As previously announced, the tests were started punctually on August 17th, 2020 in the building of the old polyclinic (GOOGLE MAPS ADDRESS: The center is open 24 hours, 7 days a week - just calculate 48 hours back from departure and then go to the test.

    The test costs 250 TL, can be paid for on site by credit card and cash, and the result can either be viewed online after 24-36 hours ( or picked up directly at the clinic . If you want to call up the result, you can save it as a PDF form on your smartphone and have it printed out in almost every stationery store (Kirtasiye).

    You need to submit:
    - Passport (ID) and a copy - every stationery shop also makes it, you CANNOT have copies made in the test center!
    - Copy of the ticket
    - Payment receipt for 250 TL (payable in the test center)
    The Turkish Ministry of the Interior has lifted the entry ban for all travelers by air, land and sea immediately. Only the land borders with Iran are exempt from this regulation.

    Number: 89780865-153-E.9288 11/06/2020
    Subject: Turkish and foreign nationals
    Entry / exit from our border gates

    a) Circular No. 3645 of February 23, 2020.
    b) Circular No. 4112 dated 03.03.2020.
    c) Circular No. 5233 dated 13.03.2020.
    ç) Circular No. 5236 of March 14th, 2020.
    d) Circular No. 5239 of March 14, 2020.
    e) Circular No. 5426 of March 16, 2020.
    f) Circular No. 5428 dated March 16, 2020.
    g) Circular No. 5505 of March 18, 2020.
    ğ) Circular No. 5758 dated March 21, 2020.

    Gathered under the chairmanship of our President on June 9th, 2020
    Positive developments in the fight against the coronavirus in the presidential cabinet in line with the land, air and sea gates of citizens of foreign countries to our country
    and the problems of our citizens leaving our country were assessed.

    1. Other provisions of our ministry, by our ministry in the context of combating the Covid 19 outbreak and regulating the entry and exit of Turkish citizens and foreign nationals by air, land and sea for entry and exit with the exception of issued by passengers through the Iranian land border gates have been lifted.

    2. The process related to air travel planning health, foreign affairs, is managed in coordination with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

    3. Turkish and foreign nationals entering our country
    The health check is carried out overall. With symptoms during the health check, the PCR test is carried out free of charge if necessary and the procedures are determined according to the principles of the Ministry of Health.

    Within the above-mentioned framework, entry and exit to our country is carried out in accordance with the measures laid down by our ministry, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and related public institutions and organizations.

  • Informations about Corona & Turkey Informations about Corona & Turkey We are ready for you and will give you some informations about holiday in Turkey after the hot phase of the Pandemy.
    Please remark that the maximum count of passengers in our transfers is 4 persons. If you go by rental car individually, there is no restriction beside the usual (5 or 7 persons depending on the car type, 9 persons in the Van if you are one family). Cars will be cleaned intensely accurate after every use (As we always did).

    We are looking forward to welcome our guests after a long time again!

    From June 10th flights from abroad to Turkey  will start  and based on the current figures, a safe holiday in Turkey is guaranteed.
    Incoming people do not have to be in quarantine at home, only address details will be registered before landing. Mobile laboratories will be set up to carry out corona virus tests at tourist airports. It is initially planned to set up a laboratory with a daily capacity of 20,000 tests in Antalya. There are new types of rapid tests that offer good security.

    In Turkey itself, the risk of getting infected is very low - the rate of reproduction is currently 0.72, so one person with Covid-19 infects less than one other persons. There are only a few positive cases in the area of ​​the province of Antalya anyway, all of them are isolated and their contacts are closely tracked. Personnel must be regularly tested.

    Social distance rules will be applied in the area of ​​sun loungers and seating areas around the beach and pool. There is also no mask requirement.

    An individual transfer instead of collective transfers, rental cars instead of public transport and a holiday apartment instead of a hotel minimize the risk of coming into closer contact with any positive people.

    Museums, excursion destinations and historical sites are expected to be open to visitors on June 1st and June 10th at the latest. If there is an admission control, access is restricted.

    The shops are open normally. Masks are mandatory in closed rooms and the number of customers is limited. There are no restrictions in the range, everything is abundant.
    Many restaurants already offer delivery services, one call is all it takes. After the reopening, strict hygiene controls and numerical restrictions on visitors are introduced.

    Welcome to a nice stay in Turkey!
  • From Sea to snow in less than an hour! From Sea to snow in less than an hour!
    The Saklikent ski area near Antalya is becoming increasingly important for winter tourism and is also being considered by those responsible. A coordination meeting on individual tourism was launched. Mayor Rıza Perçin said: "Saklıkent is one of the great values ​​for our region and our country and alternative tourism for winter tourism. We know this value well. It is always said, let's swim in the morning and go skiing an hour later. I got up early in the morning, went into the sea and an hour later I came to Saklıkent and encountered snow. On behalf of TÜRSAB, we will do everything we can to make Saklıkent better known and show interest. We will work with Emin Altıner, the chairman of the housing association Beydağları Saklıkent, and make a contribution to the region. "
    In addition to Saklikent, there is much more to discover in the area around Antalya - above is the ancient city of Termessos, which Alexander the Great could not conquer with his armies. There is nature, skiing, nature sports, athletics, horse riding, cycling and much more.
  • Almost 43 million foreign visitors in the first 11 months of 2019 Almost 43 million foreign visitors in the first 11 months of 2019
    According to the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism,wrote the Anadolu news agency, the number of visitors from abroad in Turkey rose in November by 11.41 percent compared to the same period last year to 2.19 million.
    At the same time, the number of guests from abroad rose from the beginning of January to the end of November 2019 by 14.3 percent to almost 43 million people.

    The largest group of visitors from abroad, with an increase of 17.42 percent, came from the Russian Federation with 6.9 million people, the Germans with an increase of 11.6 percent and 4.8 million people, and with an increase the English of 13.3 percent and 2.5 million people.

    Turkey thus ranked as the world's sixth most traveled country. According to the UNWTO, the country already held this rank last year.

    Despite the high ranking in the UNWTO ranking according to visitor numbers, Turkey was only 15th in terms of income from tourism. In comparison, it earns less per visitor from abroad than other countries.
    In a European comparison, Turkey ranks fourth in terms of the number of visitors from abroad, but sixth in terms of income from tourism.
  • Alanya almost fully booked on New Year's Eve Alanya almost fully booked on New Year's Eve
    This year, January 1st, the official holiday in Turkey, is on a Wednesday. Many locals use this week to spend a short winter vacation on the Turkish Riviera and to celebrate the New Year. According to representatives of the tourism sector, up to 1 million vacationers are expected in the Antalya area. This year celebrities will be on stage in most of the hotels in Cyprus.

    "Most of the facilities in Alanya are fully booked"
    Reservations from home and abroad are running very satisfactorily, according to those responsible. Almost 35 percent of the coastal capacity is open during this period, and demand from abroad for Antalya continues. There is over 90 percent occupancy in hotels. Belek in particular is in high demand, it is said.

    New years eve
    Ski vacation increasingly popular
    Did you know that the Saklikent ski area near Antalya is the closest ski area in the world to the equator? Especially at the end of winter, you can lie here on the beach in Antalya in the morning and drive to Saklikent at around 50 km at noon to enjoy the snow or go skiing. With a rental car you only need a short time to make a detour into the snow. The most important ski areas in Turkey are further north in Uludag, Erciyes, Palandöken and Kartalkaya. Antalya is presently decorated for the New Year. The Christmas markets in Alanya and for the first time in Antalya are also very popular with locals. The occupancy rate for hotels that offer New Year's programs is 100 percent. Several hotels that were closed last winter are now open all year round, the season has become longer. The popular Christmas symbols such as Santa Claus or the Christmas tree are often put up here in Turkey on New Year, and there are also gifts on New Year's Eve.

    Not only the hotels are happy about the increasing number of visitors, the car rental companies in the Antalya and Gazipaşa area are also very busy. The low prices for rental cars and many special offers and winter promotions also make it attractive to rent a car from Antalya Airport or Gazipasa Airport. With a rental car you are free and can explore the interesting surroundings of the Mediterranean on your own.





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